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Revisiting Log-Structured File Systems for Low-Power Portable Storage

Andreas Weissel, Holger Scherl, Philipp Janda, and Frank Bellosa


Proceedings of the International Workshop on Software Support for Portable Storage (IWSSPS 2005), San Francisco, CA, USA, March 2005

Datum: 03.2005


In this work we investigate the implica­tions on the energy consumption of different popular file systems and propose a novel, log-structured file system aiming at minimized energy consumption by avoiding expensive disk seeks and introduced laten­cies due to rotational delays. We show that the energy efficiency of file systems is heavily influenced by the underlying data layout and file organization. Guide­lines for a low power file system design are developed and evaluated with measurements of the energy con­sumption of a prototype implementation. As on-going work we investigate different approaches to free space management. We discuss design choices for the imple­mentation of a family of free space managers and their implications on energy consumption.


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